March 2020 Housing & Seller Response to COVID 19

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March has been quite the "ride" for all of us staying at home and staying safe.  Unemployment skyrocketed, companies are looking bleak as earning are being reported and projected, the stock market is hoping to see a sign of recovery....

Housing continues to remain strong, relatively speaking, as the housing market in South Florida has returned positive for the ninth straight month. What is going to happen in April?  It's not an easy question.  This is what I do know.  Sellers are not panic selling and are willing to wait as they know there are more buyers than sellers in the market.  

Here is an interesting statistic.  Approximately, 40% of buyers have been removed from the market since Covid 19 entered our World.  of the 60% remaining, there are only enough homes offered to meet the demand for the approximately half of the remaining buyers.  Sellers may not know the numbers, but they are right.

Realtors have adapted, at least at Coldwell Banker Realty.  We have adopted CDC Guidelines into our business practices and are selling homes virtually.  It working. Sellers are Selling and Buyers are Buying

Take a look at Athena's March Housing Update and Seller's Response to Covid 19

If you know someone interested in buying or selling a home, I welcome the introduction