5 Feng Shui Tips For Sellers

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Real Estate

As a native San Franciscan, Feng Shui practices appeared "everywhere".  It could be plants gracing a walk way, a fountain facing toward a home bringing goodness to the home, chimes of a certain style and tone or, as in real estate, the positioning of furniture, type of lighting and use of space.  Once, while in San Francisco's financial center, I saw two smaller building with mirrors.  My curiosity was peaked and I had to inquire... the answer was fascinating.  You would hear, "Oh, well the this bad Fung Shui".  

In South Florida, we may not have the same deep cultural awareness of Feng Shui;  however, the impact on the subconscious of a buyer, is quite strong.  I have seen it first hand as a buyer will feel a warmth of a room or become uncomfortable.  As a Realtor, guiding a Seller beyond just "staging" is very important to attract the best buyer for the home.  And when guiding a buyer, my focus is on highlighting the areas where they will feel most "at home".  Its all about creating Harmony in the Home.


1. Curb Appeal.  When a buyer arrives, the front of the home should be well maintained, clean, trees trimmed properly,  flowers plants should be newly planted, fresh exterior paint, house number should be clean and shiny and the front door should be freshly painted.  If you have a fountain, be sure that the water is "flowing" toward the direction of the front door.  

2.  Clean and clear path to the "showcase" room in the home.  Think of the yellow brick road and Dorothy.  Lead buyers by using a carpet runner, strategically placed accessories or artful touches.  The path should be clean of debris.

3. Keep the home clean and remove clutter.  Knickknacks and personal photos detract the buyers from seeing the home.  Personal items can also make a buyer uncomfortable.

4. Keep the "Energy" Flowing.  In Feng Shui, avoid positioning  the back of a chair or couch face the room’s entrance.  Keep the space open and flowing so that the energy of the room make the buyers feel welcomed and able to continue their tour.   Then entrance of the home should feel warm and inviting.  Beds should be placed against a supporting wall. Also the bed should be placed so that it is not under a window nor directly facing a window. 

5.  The Kitchen the Center of the Home.  The kitchen is a special place in the home.  A kitchen should be harmonious, especially with all the activity taking place.  Here is a diagram to best describe the nuances of heightening Harmony in your kitchen.